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Welcome to the gripping world of Dino Mystake, where the stakes are high, and the excitement is ever-present. Crafted by the innovative minds at UpGaming, this crash casino game has taken the online gambling universe by storm, ensnaring enthusiasts across the globe. Be it France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, or Tunisia, Dino Mystake’s charm has transcended boundaries and language barriers. Let us traverse the terrain of this unique online gaming experience.

MyStake Dino

MyStake Dino

Explore the Mystical World of Dino Mystake

In this exciting game of chance and strategy, your companion is a speedy T-Rex trying to outrun an imminent meteor. The further your Dino companion gallops, the greater your multiplier grows. As the tension escalates, the critical question is: Can you cash out before the meteor hits and the game ends?

The Dino Mystake game board resembles other crash games but has features that make it stand out. It offers an auto cashout for each game round, an auto bet for the next round, and the possibility to double your bet per round. An integrated Game History bar lets you see the explosion multipliers from previous rounds to help plan your strategy for the upcoming games.

Learn the Rules of Dino Mystake

Navigating the game is straightforward. Start by placing your bet, then wait for the Dino to start running. Your primary task is to cash out before the meteor strikes. Here are the essentials you need to know:

  • Your winnings are computed by multiplying the collected multiplier and your initial bet.
  • The highest multiplier is 10,000x. The maximum payout, however, cannot exceed 10,000 per spin.
  • You can place one or two bets in the same game.
  • You have the flexibility to set each bet manually and then collect them separately.
  • The game allows automatic collection of each bet. Just enter a number higher than 1, switch on “auto”, and if Dino doesn’t crash before this number, your winnings will be automatically collected.
  • You can enable an automatic bet for each bet, making the bet automatically for each spin until you turn it off.

Key Features of Dino Mystake

Dino Mystake offers a host of features that enhance your gameplay experience. These include:

  • Multiplier: This determines how much you win, computed as Bet Amount x Multiplier. The multiplier, displayed above the Dino, increases as long as the Dino runs until the meteor strikes.
  • Game History: This feature provides stats of the maximum multiplier in the previous 100 rounds, aiding you in devising your cashout strategy.
  • Double Bet: Here, you can make two bets in the same round and cash out at different times, serving as a kind of insurance against total loss.
  • Bet History: This feature allows you to track your betting history, showing you the patterns in your betting behavior.
  • Auto Cashout (Auto Collect): This sets your preferred multiplier, ending the round automatically when your set coefficient is reached.
  • Auto Bet: This feature allows you to choose the bet amount, which the system automatically places until you switch it off.

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